The Ancient Indian philosophies and sciences describe everything living non-living in this universe is composed of 5 fundamental elements, PANCHABHOOTAS.

At different ratios of these qualities, their combinations of varied nature makes everything. Everything living has a particular unique ratio of these elements which is called PRAKRUTHI the genetic constitution of that particular body. In this ratio, it remains in a state of health and any deviation from this harmonious genetic constitution due to varied external and internal factors of physical, physiological and psychological nature, that imbalance is called “disease”.

Ayurveda guides to correct these imbalances through the changes in diet practices (ahara charya or pathya charya), correction of lifestyles that causes the disease (vihara charya), medicines used internally and externally (oushadha krama) and therapy procedures (kriya krama) that restores the dosha equilibrium and prevent/avoid the disease-causing factors (nidana parivarjanam).