Sadayush delves into disease management with a focus on the factors causing disease. Sadayush’s Disease Management targets the root cause of the problem and provides apt solutions for each individual’s problems.

Some of the major categories of disease or disorders that our doctors handle are as follows:

  • Occupation-related Ailments
  • Sports Injuries
  • Bone & Joint Disorders
  • Gastrointestinal Conditions
  • Neurological Conditions
  • Issues related to Weight
  • Gynecological Issues
  • Stress & Sleep Disorders


Sadayush offers a complete check and management of your health through the Health Management Programme. This is a 1-year long health management plan.

It is a unique programme, in that, it identifies the total health needs of a patient — their current issues, previous medical issues being dealt with, and any emerging risks for the future — and devises a long-term treatment plan for 1 year. Crafted with periodical check ups, periodical wellness and maintenance therapies, curative procedures, where required, and advice from the doctor on changes to lifestyle, eating habits, etc., the patient can walk back from the point of risk.

During the doctor’s examination, notes are taken on the current problems the patient is facing, any existing conditions already being treated on, their previous medical history, familial medical background and any changes to their vital parameters such as sleep patterns. All of these factors are then taken into consideration for the next 1 year, when providing appropriate treatment to the patient, with any add-on care for on-going problems (which need extra care to prevent comorbidities and stop disease progress), and preventing emerging risk factors, based on history, lifestyle, profession and personal-related factors, etc.

Sadayush’s Health Management Programme is a well-rounded and highly personalized programme that looks out for the patient’s health and well-being, in all aspects, over a long period of time, for the best possible outcomes.

Sadayush’s health management programme also examines any existing ailments the patient may have and categorizes them as below:



Various Wellness Programmes & Packages are offered for general health and to treat specific ailments:

  • Abhyangam - Full body massage with medicated oils, for general health.
  • Shirodhara - An uninterrupted flow of medicated oils or other liquids over the head. This therapy reduces stress and offers other benefits. Bashpa Sweda - A medicated steam bath used for detoxifying and more.
  • Udwarthanam - A therapeutic massage done in an upward direction. This helps regulate metabolic and lifestyle disorders, among others.
  • Prasoodika Chikitsa - Complete Ayurvedic pre & postnatal care for the mother and baby.

These wellness programmes help in the maintenance of one’s health on a day-to-day basis.


Sadayush offers a variety of beauty packages to help you detoxify, moisturise, rejuvenate and make you glow from within, using 100% natural and chemical-free ingredients:

  • Hair Care Therapies
  • Skin Care Therapies
  • Special Packages
    • Wedding Packages
    • Seasonal Care Packs
    • Festive Specials

Using 100% natural ingredients, the highest quality medications are sourced and manufactured from Sadayush’s own farms and facilities.